• Are you travelling to Inverell or visiting the New England Tablelands?  Then you must treat yourself and your family to a visit to The Gem Centre at 108 Byron Street, Inverell. You will no doubt be looking for sapphires and we have the largest range you can possibly see. We have a range from the bags of fossicking wash, uncut sapphires, cut sapphires, and sapphires set in Sterling Silver and 9ct and 18ct gold.

  • Do you have family visiting Inverell or are you visiting friends and family? Then make a visit to The Gem Centre for an experience not to be missed. We have an amazing sapphire and ruby map of Australia which you and your children will remember forever. 

  • If you find your own beautiful gem bring it in the friendly staff at The Gem Centre and they will advise you on it's cutting potential!

  • Lapidary equipment is always a must when you go fossicking. We carry a variety of fossicking and lapidary equipment such as sieves, picks, tumbling machines, tumbling grits, polishing powders and many more products. Get your gold pan from The Gem Centre so that you are ready to gold pan in the region as well.

  • The Gem Centre has a magnificent range of precious stones for you to feast your eyes upon, and they are available in the rough, unset and set in gold and silver. Some of these stunning stones include Ruby, Citrine, Amethyst, Garnet, Diamond, Rose Quartz and many other beautiful gems. If you love gemstones then come in to The Gem Centre and enjoy the journey.

  • The Gem Centre has an exciting range of Mineral Specimens and Affordable Gifts as well as gorgeous local gems such as Smokey Quartz, Sapphire, Topaz, and Zircon.

Local and Trusted for Over 40 Years, The Gem Centre, Inverell's Jewellery Store.

Located in Byron Street, Inverell

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